Yesterday was my first pain-free day in seven days.  I was exhausted.   I went to work, though I was fortunate as there was not much happening owing to it being a bank holiday weekend.  I managed to do nothing all night.  I don’t think I could have concentrated if I had picked up work.

Today, I booked two appointments for my birthday: one for a manicure, and one to have the blonde taken out of my hair, which has been bothering me for over a year.  I also asked if we could squeeze in a hair cut, so it will be a day of pampering.   Once I had done that, I went and had a nap as I was still tired.

I have just returned from doing a small grocery shop for dinner.  I know I shouldn’t, but I also bought a tiny bottle of rosé wine to sup later with my dinner/supper.   I’ve not been hungry today, just thirsty, which often happens when I’m shattered.   I really ought to have mowed the lawn, pulled up weeds, got some small garden implements, and installed the solar lights in the hawthorn bush that covers the bin area, but that will all have to wait until tomorrow.    At least I bought the items I need to fix the grouting in the tiles.   Once I’ve done that, I will be able to get some quotes to have the bathroom laminated.

Here’s hoping after a good sleep tonight, I will have the energy to do it all this weekend.  My idea of chilling.

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