Poorly is the Writer

I won an ebay auction in the early hours of Friday morning, and when I telephoned in the evening I was asked by the seller to collect immediately as she wanted rid of the item.  After explaining I was working until midnight and could not get there until 2 a.m., the seller insisted I pick it up then.  I offered to text her when I was near to see if she was awake.  This I duly did, only to get a response at 7 a.m. this morning when I normally asleep.   This was the start of my weekend.

I came home, had something to eat, waited up for as long as I could for the seller to respond, then went to bed.   Thirty minutes after going to bed, I had to dash to the bathroom, and so went the rest of my night.   By 9 a.m. I was still awake, in the most excruciating pain of my life, and wondering if I should go to hospital.   I was actually moaning, almost screaming last night, and I thought I might pass out.   The pain was such, I felt if it dialled up just half a notch, I would have to get some medical attention.   I needed stronger pain killers.  The problem being I was having difficulty leaving the bathroom and doctors don’t do call outs anymore.

I took what I could in terms of medication, and finally got some sleep through the pain.  I woke at 12.30 hoping it would all be over, as I was due to meet some friends for a wander around a garden centre, some late lunch and a long overdue catch-up.   I had been looking forward to it for months, ever since it was first arranged.    By 12:40, I was in the bathroom and unable to leave; then, the worst happened.  I won’t describe it here (too gross to even mention).   I texted my friends, and went back to bed, once again hoping to sleep through it.

I had set the alarm for 8 p.m. because I needed (somehow) to get toilet paper, and some more medication.   When I woke, I was still really poorly, but the pain was (almost) bearable.   I took some more meds, washed my face and teeth, and dashed down the supermarket, all the while my insides were threatening to explode again, I wasn’t quite able to stand up straight, and had to lean on the trolley, but I managed to get what I needed, and arrived home in just in time.

As I write this, I’ve not eaten, I’m drinking what water I can, though it’s going through, and I’m tolerating the residual pain.   I know if I stop the meds, I will be in more trouble.  It’s kind of weird because I can feel things going on inside; it’s just the pain isn’t anywhere near as bad as it was 12 hours ago.   Still, that’s better than last night.

Time to get to the consultant now I think.   The pain in my left side is getting to the point where I think my organs are going to burst out of my skin, and it was like someone using a hack saw on my digestive system.   I don’t think I can cope if it happens again.

Here’s hoping, dear reader, you are having a better weekend.  If you’re in the south-east, I hope, too, you get to enjoy the sunshine and warmth promised for tomorrow.

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