Changes Afoot

There are changes occurring in my workplace; changes that shine a spotlight on the future of my position, indeed the very nature of my job, and my skillset; it is quite evident that in fifteen (15) years time, me and my skills will be obsolete.  Though others can’t see it, I can see how technology, more than the recession, is reducing the number of positions available for people who do what I do.  I think it’s marvellous, despite putting me out of a job.  My colleagues don’t really see it, but when I see what I can do with my smartphone, and how younger generations are far more instinctive/intuitive in their use of technology, I can’t see the need for an intermediary anymore.

So, I’ve been looking at my options and I think I may need to change my job, and my career.  Either I change company, which I am loath to do, to one when I can move up, or across into different fields of expertise, or I change shifts to allow me to study part-time in a subject of my choice, the change meaning I would take a pay cut.   I would prefer the second option, despite the pay cut, but this company has such high employee retention, it’s been years since anyone departed.    I’ve looked at jobs across the border, but there is nothing for someone with my expertise, so even if I would prefer to move north, I don’t have the right skills.

I need to retrain myself if I want to continue working until I’m 70.   The problem is deciding which way to go.  I’d like to get into IT; however, entry-level pay is a very large step down from where I am now, but, then, having no pay because there isn’t a job for me would be an even bigger drop to the bottom.     I’m too old to get an apprenticeship, or a scholarship, so any courses/degrees I want to do will have to come out of my already overstretched pocket.     I love photography, but am not sure I really have the talent, or drive to be a professional.   I’m also not sure if making it my life’s work would suck all of the joy out of it for me.   Besides which, I’ve never seen myself as the “arty” type.

Decisions, decisions.   Am open to ideas, suggestions and job offers.  😀

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