So, for anyone wondering, the prizes I had won were two, white Fitbit Aria scales, and two, white, Fitbit Zip pedometers.   I was very pleased to receive them, as I had long desired a set of the scales to complement the Zip I already owned.   The additional Zips will be passed to my sister and mother to encourage them to join me on my journey to health and fitness.

I’m hoping someone will swap a set of Aria scales for a Fitbit One; otherwise I may sell it to fund the purchase of a Fitbit One. The reason I’d like to upgrade is that the Fitbit One measures steps with an altimeter, and sleep patterns, whereas the Zip just monitors steps, and calories burned.

The little Fitbit Zip I’ve had since November has helped me lose quite a bit of weight, and has kept me motivated to lose more.   I love the way it automatically updates the website, and I get my stats back every week telling me if I am on the right track or not.   I highly recommend the Fitbit system, which syncs with other, popular fitness websites, too.

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