Special Occasion Bargains

I kBaking Heartsnow most people get fed up with the constant reminders of special occasions in shops, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Halloween but, for me, they sometimes offer a unique opportunity:  to purchase cooking paraphernalia that my sister might find useful.    Two, large supermarket chains have been offering very cheap baking items, generally heart-shaped moulds for Valentine’s this year.  I’ve picked some up, packed them up, and sent them to my sister in Australia.   The picture above shows yesterday’s bargains: a large, silicone cake mould, and two packs of six, silicone cupcake moulds.

Generally, these kind of items are expensive when trying to purchase them at any other time of year.   I always check out special isles in supermarkets about a week or two before an “occasion” to see if there is anything my sister, or I might use.   £3 is the most I’ve paid and that was for a set of two ramekins.   The postage is often more expensive, but still cheaper than my sister attempting to purchase something similar in Australia.

Roll on easter, and bunny and chick shapes.

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