One Sad Saturday Night

I woke up late today, probably recoverying from a exhausting week.   I got up ready to go for a long walk, but then “It’s a Wonderful Life” was on television, and as it wasn’t on during the festive period or, perhaps I missed it being in hospital.  So, I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” and then went out to do a grocery shop as I had limited healthy food in the house.

I returned after dark to find that my little house was the only one with a light on.  I live in a small, friendly lane, consisting on one young couple, a single woman, a middle-aged couple, an elderly couple and then two families.  Every single one of them was out at 8 o’clock on a Saturday night.   Me, I have just unloaded my groceries, have eaten breakfast (yes, working evenings puts my meal times out), and am sitting here checking to see if I won a competition, logging my food intake into a data sheet, syncing my steps from my Fitbit pedometer, and updating this blog.   How sad can I be?  Everyone, everyone but me, is out on a Saturday night and I am home on my aging laptop.

It’s too late to make any plans for tonight, so I will start the housework, bake my weekly loaf, and make a start on my meals for the week.   I don’t even have a Scandi-Nordic programme to look forward to on BBC Three.  I doubt I will have an early night, but, unlike my neighbours, I won’t be out and about.

One, sad Saturday night it is.

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  1. I’ve been there. Sitting watching tv in my case trying to convince myself it was nice to have the evening to myself. It’s lonely.
    I wish you good fortune winds of change bringing life and fun in spring x

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