Bad Day? Good Day?

So, I had always understood that eating healthy and exercising could help reduce the intensity, and longevity of cramps.   I found out the hard way that in my case that simply isn’t true.   I’ve had a bad time of things this month: pain from the start, continuing well beyond the second day, and a distinct lack of sleep, along with some general bloating.   This has not helped my health and fitness plan since, while waiting for painkillers to kick in, I’ve been eating chocolate and not much else.

When I stepped on the scales this morning, I had gained back 1 kg (2.2) pounds.   It didn’t faze me.

In the post yesterday arrived two pairs of trousers I had purchased.  Both pairs of new trousers are smaller than those currently hanging in my wardrobe.   I tried them both on today and they fit, perfectly, and despite the aggravated bloating.   That means, I have dropped two dress sizes since November 2012   Wow!   I am so happy.

I know that once the blip that has been this cycle is over, I will be right back on track and will drop that 1 kg I’ve gained.    Today, I realised I am heading in the right direction – at last – with the help of my trust Fitbit and My Fitness Pal.

Onwards to a fitter, healthier me.

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