Today’s blog was going to be about how I’ve done so little, but feel like I’ve achieved a lot, but I received a message on my Fitbit just a few seconds ago, saying I had achieved my 250 km lifetime badge.   This means that since I received my Fitbit Zip in November, I’ve walked 250 km.

Spelt Loaf Proving

Spelt Loaf Proving

My day started late; my fault, I forgot to set my alarm.  I immediately retrieved my work-out clothes from the dryer, got showered and dressed, and went for a walk in the park.  I got to around 8,800 steps and then a blister hit, so I retreated to my home.  Had a full Sunday breakfast, courtesy of Asda’s ready meal range, and then set about doing some washing.   Did the washing up, too, and have started on another loaf of spelt bread, and went to the local M&S shop for some extra supplies.   That’s it.

That has been my day.   Not much done, but I think the early exercise has made me feel as though I have achieved something.   Mind you, considering my recent illness just being able to walk for over an hour, uninterrupted, is an achievement in itself.   Since that walk I have made my 10,00o step target for the day.

I have more to do this evening: at least three more loads of washing; some more cooking, namely dinner; and I might, if the bread goes well, attempt a banana bread.

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s efforts leaving me feeling so productive.

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