Get Fit, Feel Epic

The Black Pearl Blog, in conjunction with Money Supermarket, is running a competition, the title of which is “Get Fit, Feel Epic“. 

I spent some time considering the phrase “Get Fit, Feel Epic” and what it might means to me and my goal of being fit, strong and healthy.  

Back in November 2012, I decided (when I went up yet another dress size) that enough was enough.  I just could not afford to keep gaining weight.  The extra weight was adding too much to my health problems.   I had to lose all the weight I had gained since I was 27.   There was a slight hitch, however: I love, love, love my food.   The alternative was to move more, become active, get exercising and (finally) be fit again.   I had received a Fitbit Zip for review, so I decided to wear it to see if I came close to doing the recommended 12,000 steps a day the average, healthy, active person does.   I was appalled to find I averaged (over a week) a paltry 2,500 steps a day.    I decided to build up my daily steps gradually, starting with 5,000 a day, and added another 1,000 (or so) every other day.   By the middle of December, I was averaging 11,000+ steps a day.   It was easy to add a few more steps a day: marching on the spot while doing the dishes; marching on the spot while watching tv; marching on the spot while brushing my teeth; walking up and down a few times while waiting for the lift/standing in a queue; going for a walk in the park every other day; and when the weather was bad, marching up my living room, up the stairs and back down again.    As I increased my activity, my diet hardly altered, but I did notice that because I was more active, I was drinking more water and, perhaps, eating just a little less.  

By December, I had lost close to 5 kgs (11 lbs), then disaster struck.  I became seriously ill over the festive period, was hospitalised, and my lungs were so badly affected by the virus, I was told I would not be able to exert myself, or exercise for 10 to 12 weeks.   I made it back to work in the second week of January and, since then, I have steamed twice a day, every day and my lungs are finally improving.   In January I joined a free, weight loss class run by my local council over 12 weeks, which ends in a half hour exercise session.   Well, that first exercise session proved to me that my lungs are not quite up to the job – yet.   Thus, I have been attempting to stick to a diet in order to continue my weight loss, logging everything I eat at My Fitness Pal.   It’s been working as, since November 2012, I have lost a total of 10 kgs (22 lbs).  

The diet is indeed working; however I much prefer losing those extra pounds by exercising.   I felt so much happier when I exercised:  my body noticeably changed shape as I lost the weight, I felt more energetic, I was sleeping better, and I felt much healthier.   Dieting alone seems to be the wrong approach for me: my body is slow to adjust to any weight loss, which currently stands at around 1 kg (2 lbs) a week; I am feeling tired again; and I just don’t feel better, lighter, or healthier for having lost those (diet) kilos.   I cannot wait until my lungs are healthy so I can get moving again and get those 12,000+ a day, then I can add strength training three days a week to build up some muscle, and when I’m halfway to my goal weight, I will go back to Iyengar yoga for that extra flexibility.  Of course, now that I am used to healthy eating, I will continue to eat a healthier diet when I am able to increase my activity again, just not such a strict, low calorie diet.

I want that happy feeling back; the feeling I had when I was exercising with regularity. 

So, if I’ve already lost 10 kgs, what is my ultimate goal?    I will relish being able to wear more stylish clothes but, ultimately, I want to go on a very long walk – perhaps across some hills, or up a Munro – and not only see some amazing views, but feel epic myself.   To have lost 20 years of excess weight, to be fit, healthy and strong enough again to do a walking holiday, actually climb those beautiful hills and mountains, rather than just looking up at them, that; that achievement would make me feel epic.


Here’s hoping the Black Pearl Blog and Money Supermarket like this post.   I’d love to win; and it would be further motivation to Get Fit, and Feel Epic.


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2 responses to “Get Fit, Feel Epic

  1. What an amazing post. The way you ended it really made feel like all the hours of exercise will be worth it, when we can finally climb a mountain and feel epic! I agree with you about exercise- I prefer losing weight this way.

    PS. I hope you feel better soon xo


    • Thanks Sandra for your kind comments.

      I feel quite well now, it’s just my lungs aren’t quite back on form, but I only notice it when I exert them. I am so itching to get to the gym though.

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