Snow Days – January 2013

Well, I made it work on Friday and I drove all the way; it wasn’t so bad once I got down the little hill outside my house, which wasn’t gritted and had been used as a sled run all day by the local children.  The trains were not an option: though they were running at my end, and at the London end, they were not running in between.

Today is Sunday, and it has been snowing for hours, adding another 2 inches to the 2 inches we had on Friday.   Looking out to my car, if the snow doesn’t melt a little in the next 24 hours, or cars actually use the roads a bit, I am going to have to do some more shovelling to even get along the flat road.  I can only hope the main roads are cleared; otherwise I don’t see myself getting to work tomorrow.   Given the trains were not running a through service on Friday, I cannot imagine they will be doing so tomorrow, so driving will be my only option.

It is nice to actually have a day off on a snow day.   I hope to go out for a walk later.   The best thing I’ve seen so far is someone using their dog to pull their child up the slope for a sled ride.   He was a little kinder than most in that he was taking the bulk of the weight himself, but the sled was attached to his very big dog.   The dog really seemed to enjoy the run up the hill and the workout he was getting going up the little lane.   Apart from when it compacts in their paws, it seems dogs really love the snow, as much as children.   I guess it’s something a little different, something interesting in what is probably an otherwise dull life waiting for someone to pay you some attention, and, maybe, take you for a walk.

The downside is that it’s very cold, so I am tending to eat hot meals, which is not good for weight loss.  a hot breakfast was definitely in order.  I’m going to have to be extra careful today with the rest of my intake.   Then again, maybe shivering actually burns some extra calories.   Here’s hoping!

I hope readers of this blog who are also affected by the snow stay safe, warm and, as much as they probably don’t want to, make it to work – safely.

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