Not Quite There

I did a half hour long exercise session today.   During the class, I felt fine, but once it was over and I had to walk home, in the cold, I realised that exercise may have to be set aside for a few more weeks yet; I just could not stop coughing.   An hour it took before I was able to breathe freely again.  I’m so disappointed as I have a shiny, new, gym membership I’ve yet to use, and I’ve had it for 3 months!

It’s amazing just how many viruses are going around though.  Nearly everyone I speak to is ill these days with a cold, flu or worse virus.   I’m grateful we are soon to have snow and these freezing temperatures have arrived as, from what I’ve read in the papers and on news sites, it’s the mild winters that allow these viruses to flourish.   So, let’s hope the cold weather kills them.

In other news, weather reports continue to tell me that snow has fallen where I live.  I beg to differ.  There was one flurry that didn’t settle a few days ago and nothing since.  I doubt we will really see any, as it seems to be falling in every other county of the country.

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