Where does the time go?

I arrived home last night a little excited by the prospect of a second steak dinner – the first having been consumed on Sunday night. This time I was a little slack on the nutrition front in that I cooked the steak (rubbed in oil and pepper with a tiny bit of salt), with some red onion, a halved tomato and added two poached eggs. Not the healthiest of combinations, but when splashed with a bit of Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce, absolutely delicious and very warming. As I cooked my dinner, I put the oven on and, once heated, threw in a potato to bake. This was stabbed with a fork, wet and then rolled in some coarse sea salt.

These potatoes seem to take longer to cook then anyone indicates taking approximately two (2) hours. I wouldn’t mind so much, but I was tired and wanted to go to bed early so I was not happy having to wait up so I could have some lunch at work. I was very tired when I woke this afternoon, having only had six hours sleep. I woke early and, once awake, could not get back to dreamland, but rather hovered in a snoozing state until my alarm told me it was time to move.

My Old Shoes

The Shoes

Once up, I headed downstairs to put on the jug for my morning steaming – something I am doing twice a day to relieve the congestion in my chest – went back upstairs to start my toilette, got half-dressed putting on only my under-shirt so as not to soil my work clothes, put on the shoes I am attempting to break-in, then headed downstairs for some breakfast.   Once I had consumed my cereal and juice, I reset the kettle, poured the boiling water into a bowl and proceeded to put my head under a towel, and steam for ten (10) minutes.   Once the coughing fit subsided, I headed back upstairs to: brush my teeth; finish dressing; do my make-up; set my hair; find the right accessories; put my phone in my handbag; gather up the items for the “bring and buy” sale at work; find a bag for my lemon, sharp knife, and lunch; find a bag for my flat shoes in case my new ones gave me blisters; ensure the heating was off; put on my night light; and head out to the car.  All in all, that was two hours.   Honest!   I had phone calls I wanted to make in order to book appointments, but I simply ran out of time.

Where does time go?

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