Weather Madness

I didn’t see snow all night, despite the weather app on my iPhone telling me it was snowing.   I went to bed and, by 6 a.m. had not seen a single flake.  For whatever reason, I woke at 12 to see a thick curtain of big, fat, flakes falling from the sky, which was melting upon impact with the ground.   I didn’t care, it was finally snowing.  Then when I rose at 14.30, all was damp, but there were no white wonders to view.

By the time I drove to work the rainfall mixed with small, hard, white bullets of ice was also melting the moment it touched down.   The ground was just too warm to allow any settling.   As I set off, there were grey skies with little light and I had to put on my headlights, but on turning a corner of the A2, I saw to my left an orange orb sending out it’s fiery light across the sky in shards of orange, salmon pink, and purple with the odd streak of blue sky peeking out from under the coloured clouds.  This was to the west and all the while, I was driving through pouring rain under a sky thick with dark, grey clouds.   It was odd to see the battle lines between a bright, wintery sunset and a dreary, damp gloaming, but the sun provided a spectacular show which I found rather cheering.

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  1. solsticedreamer

    here in the forest we seem to be sitting between the rain and the snow for today we again have blue sky and much needed (for me anyway!) sunshine…

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