Busy Day

Woke up feeling a little tired, so made myself some breakfast, but opted out of the walk in the park.  Shame, as I now think I could have done with it.   Following on from yesterday, I have spent the day doing a bit of cleaning.   For whatever reason, the machine took over six hours to dry three jumpers, leaving precious little time for the rest of the laundry, and I am, even now, barely halfway through my washing pile.

I have been naughty today and eaten some plain crisps, but I am really have difficulty shaking that slight nausea under which I have been suffering since my chest infection and they seem to help, even if the after affects leave me in a bit of pain.   Its’ a choice: feeling sick, or feeling pain.   I was never good with feeling sick or, indeed, vomitting so the pain wins out.   Other than the crisps, I think I have done well, sticking to a bowl of cereal, water and, apart from the crisps, no snacking in order to enjoy a lovely steak, baked potato, fried onions, broccoli, cabbage and a carrot for dinner.   I splashed a little Worcestershire sauce over the steak and tomato and I must admit, even though I cooked it myself, it was lovely.   Unfortunately, I didn’t really take the time to enjoy it, as the oil in the pan had left a haze, and I spent a lot of time waving the front door back and forth in a (useless as it turns out) attempt to clear the air.

As to my chest, I continue to steam twice a day, but I really do think it will be several weeks before my lungs are clear again.  I continue to cough with regularity and suffer under a vague headache and a similarly vague earache.   In terms of energy, sometimes I feel rather energetic, but then I get so tired I sleep for the longest time and, upon waking, feel I need to sleep more.  I do feel infinitely better for having ceased the salbutamol and cough mixtures, I must say.   I am still having difficulty concentrating on anything and it may be some time before I can get back to reading as much as I once did.   The headache is certainly contributing factor.

I do feel particularly awful about missing my sister-in-law’s birthday altogether.   Usually my iPhone and Outlook remind me of such matters at least seven (7) days in advance so I can send a card and have it arrive on time, but Outlook, for whatever reason, has not been communicating with my iPhone efficiently and many an appointment has been lost in the last eight months, including, rather infuriatingly, my sister-in-law’s birthday.  As the newest addition to our family, her birthday has not yet been branded into my brain, so a reminder on a calendar is still a necessity.   I just hope my sister-in-law, and my brother can forgive me this lapse.

So, anyone have ideas for the ultimate (belated) gift for a fitness focussed, organic preferred, glamorous young lady?


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  1. so glad you are feeling a bit better now, you have had such a dreadful time…

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