Too Much Too Soon

I do think I returned to work far too soon after my illness.  I think this because I was off sick from work, again, yesterday, as I had severe abdominal pains to the point where I could barely stand.  In the end, I took some painkillers, went to bed and ending up sleeping for over 16 hours. I woke up without pain this afternoon, thankfully.

It was also obvious to me that I had to stop taking salbutamol, and the two cough mixtures meant to alleviate my chest symptoms because they were giving me the distinct impression I was separated from reality.  I only stopped using them yesterday, so it may be a little while before these drugs are out of my system, but I’m confident the medications were the cause of this odd sensation because it has reduced significantly already.

Being unwell is never easy.

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  1. Really hope you’re feeling a bit better!

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