That Didn’t Take Long

Well, second day back at work and already I it feels like I haven’t left.  There are a few hiccoughs, like not really feeling like I know the system, but it was good to do real work again.  It was also good to start to make headway on my personal paperwork which is about three week’s behind, owing to my illness.  I found some letters relating to my health that needed urgent attention, one being a blood test recall, which I hope to sort out tomorrow.  I also found letters from creditors which needed urgent attention.  It’s almost as though life is normal again.

That said, I was sick before when I woke this morning.  I may have returned a bit too early, but I just could not afford to take any more time off, since I have no sick days left and won’t be paid, and I was going stir crazy at home.  I was absolutely shattered driving home and I really had to focus on what I was doing, but I make it back okay and forced myself to stay awake a few hours, so I would sleep later this morning.  It seems to have worked, as I was much more alert by the end of my shift, and only feel a little tired as I type this.   Hopefully, by the end of the week, my sleeping patterns will be back to the regular schedule.

I have discovered that my former landlords had used a photograph of mine on their commercial website.  I had provided them with copies for personal use, so it was rather galling to find they had not credited the photograph to me and used it on an advertising website without consulting me, or seeking my permission to use a copyrighted image.  I sent an email – short and concise, but not unfriendly – and hope they will either credit the photograph or take it down.  I’d hate to have for it to become nasty.

In other news, the sun came out today and I saw blue sky.  The first in many days.  The last time I saw sunshine I was in hospital and, like today, it only lasted for a short hour.   Still, it cheered me no end, despite the forecast being for gloomy skies for the next few weeks.  Temperatures are expected to go below freezing next week, too.   I am actually hoping we don’t get snow this year, as I’d rather the warmer weather to aid in my recovery.

I had an unexpected surprise as I was leaving for work today, as I looked out the windscreen of my car as I made to leave and saw a bird of prey on my neighbour’s footpath.  I did not believe what I was seeing at first, but I soon reached for my iPhone to take a photograph, and slowly and quietly opened the door to take a picture when a young mum with a screeching child in a noisy pram came down the path from the park, scaring the bird into flying away.   I didn’t get the photograph which was a bitter disappointment, but I’m hoping to see the bird again, take a picture and have it identified.   It had beautiful colours and wasn’t very big, but still a welcome visitor to this lane.

Well, that’s my day summed up and now I am off to have some food.  Steamed vegetables with some spring onion and garlic to help in the healing process.

Until tomorrow … good night.

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