Glad to be Back

I’m so happy!

I am back at work, and, yes, I feel normal again.   I knew that once I got back here that strange, distant feeling I was experiencing would go and it has.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be productive again – even if there is very little work this evening.   It will be busy soon enough.   In the meantime, I am enjoying being with other human beings, reading and filing emails, sorting out paperwork, getting used to the new screen that arrived in my absence, and catching up with folk.

Best news of the day has to be that I may be allowed to return to exercise/the gym in 2/3 weeks rather than waiting for the cough to disappear altogether which was expected to take 12 weeks.   The firm’s doctor said to see how my energy levels were and ease myself back in, but I really should check with my regular GP to ensure I’m not doing any damage.   That means I am less likely to gain back the weight I lost before, during and after the festive period, and I will be able to continue my quest to be healthier and fitter sooner.

I also no longer have to wear that mask, and so I look almost normal – as normal as I ever looked.

2013 is already looking up.  I hope it has been good to my readers thus far, too.

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