All Well and Good

A Walk in the Park by i-c-photos
A Walk in the Park, a photo by i-c-photos on Flickr.

This losing weight lark is all well and good, except if you find your trousers keep falling down and you have nothing in your “new” size. Very embarassing if you have to go out in public, more so than wearing a mask.

Despite my restrictions, I went out to find that local honey that eluded me yesterday. I made it to the local farm shop and had a discussion about cheese with the assistant.  Alas, no local honey as they had a very busy festive period, so I settled for English blossom honey.  I’m sure it will be fine and I can pick up some local co-op honey soon.

Before returning home, I drove up to the car park of my local park. I sat myself down on the nearest bench and watched people exercising their dogs. The weather may be grey, damp and dismal but the dogs don’t seem to mind. It was wonderful to take fresh air, and see living creatures again, especially dogs who seem to have such a lust for being alive.   A beautiful little dog came close to me, and I wish I could, but I refrained from patting her.  I did engage her owner in a brief chat, which was very pleasant.

Finally, I feel a little more alive.

Now I just have to see how long I can hold out before I have to buy new clothes; losing weight could be an expensive, if not fun, exercise.

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