Tomorrow is solstice – my winter celebration; I’m on holiday; and I’m ill.

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling great and stayed home, despite having errands to run.   I had so little energy.  I didn’t eat much and, by late evening, I felt like cheering myself up, so had a go at this pikelet recipe.  It was easy to follow, but I just can’t seem to get the hang of my stove and corning ware frying pan as everything burned and, despite using the vent, the smell is still lingering.   Either way, I didn’t enjoy them and they looked awful so I didn’t take any pictures.

Today, I woke up late but absolutely had to go out and run errands, which included going to Bluewater for some essentials.   I managed to spend most of my gift voucher from work, and I popped into Lakeland to find my sister’s favourite chocolates, Rose and Violet creams, were out of stock.  Not only that they no longer come in separate boxes.   So, sorry sis, but you won’t be getting any chocolates for the new year.  A time ran on, I started to feel worse and worse.  By the time I made it to the supermarket for some food, I could barely walk, so I took myself to the pharmacy, but owing to having an IBD, paracetomol is all I am allowed.  That, and heat creams to soothe the aches.  I also picked up some rosehip syrup at Lakeland.

Now, I have aches, pains, a runny nose, a horrendous cough, Lucozade is actually tasting good, as is aspirin dissolved in water, and I’m very hot.  It’s 10 degrees celsius outside, but I’m so warm I could  not keep my coat on, preferring to remain in my jeans and short sleeved jumper.  Now I know, I am really ill.  A Radox bath is definitely called for, as is a long sleep, especially since I’ve not been sleeping well at all, managing just a few hours each night, constantly waking with a cough, runny nose and aches.

So, solstice looks to be a wash out for me this year, and not because of the persistant rain.

Merry solstice everyone.

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