Baking Bread

I have always wanted to try my hand at baking bread.  I love the smell of baking bread, and I’ve watched people make various loaves and thought that it didn’t really seem that hard.  I particularly like the idea of a sourdough, but I’m not sure I would remember to feed the starter daily.   When I moved to my new home, I bought some spelt flour which is meant to be better for those of us with bowel dis-ease.  I found the simplest recipe I could after extensive searching of the net and it was on the website of the flour manufacturer, Doves Farm.   I used 250 grams of the spelt flour and 250 grams of strong white bread flour as I find spelt a bit dense sometimes.   It took longer to prove than as mentioned in the recipe, but I expect that may be because I (stupidly) used cold water, instead of tepid, and it’s cold here today at around 11 degrees celsius.   It kneaded easily and baked quickly in 35 minutes.   Best of all, it tasted great.

Now I know how simple it actually is to bake this bread, I may never buy bread again, especially since the only spelt loaves available near me are round and small and not suitable for sandwiches.   Besides which, the smell is gorgeous and the results very light and tasty.  I’ve posted a picture of the cooling loaf above.

Thank you to Doves Farm for a great recipe.

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