Water water everywhere

What is it with me and water?

I noticed a leaking tap that had been leaking for some time because there is damage to the cupboard and floor tiles. I hadn’t noticed because the cupboard is lined with cleaning products, and I only remove one at a time, so I didn’t notice.

Yesterday, I woke to find water all over the bathroom floor. I cleaned it up and, throughout the day, attempted to dry it; however, it’s only become worse.   The water seems to be oozing from under the wood panels surrounding the pipes running between the toilet and the sink. Unfortunately, I can’t find an access point and the puddle has increased in size.   At least it is clean water.  I have called my landlord and left a message, but he was unavailable until this evening when he left a message to say he would be here at 9 a.m. tomorrow.  Great!  Yet another day without sleep, and another day of annual leave used up for plumbing issues.

What is it with me and water?

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