Turnip Reflection

Turnip Reflection by i-c-photos

I’ve had my very first trick-or-treaters – ever!

First up was a little girl as an angel, and her baby brother being carried dutifully by Dad. So sweet. I was a little under-prepared, not having turned on my lights, or carved the turnip. The turnip wasn’t ready until the third group arrived, but even so, he now proudly sits in my window.

I have a cheap, plastic mask from the local supermarket, and a black robe with a heavy hood. I scared one little boy, who would not take candy from my flame lined cauldron until I removed the mask.

I also have the table set up with a skull, a pumpkin, tarot cards, skull candleholders, a potion bottle, and a black mirror. These are seen behind me when I open the door.

All in good fun of the season. I’m enjoying my first ever Halloween in a place where trick-or-treaters can call.


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3 responses to “Turnip Reflection

  1. One year we carved a green and red pepper. Perhaps a turnip next year?

    • Apparently, turnips (neeps) are traditional in Scotland, so I thought I would start with one, since they are smaller than the pumpkins. I had no idea they were tougher.

      What was the inspiration behind the peppers?

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