Black Cherry Berry

Every now and then I treat myself to a pedicure; it’s something that makes me feel a little better about my body, which is a bit of a necessity when my body is determined to attack itself.   I don’t get out as much as I used to – a side effect of my condition – but it doesn’t mean I would not like to feel good about how I look.   It’s not easy, as the budget I have is severely limited, having ruined my financial life years ago.   The odd pedicure can be expensive, but I have been fortunate to find a product, Gelish, which lasts for 5/6 weeks without chipping, or fading and it stays looking fresh until my next appointment.   For the cost of a normal pedicure, I get a little pampering, and a lot of self-esteem.   I feel it’s worth it.

The colour I choose reflects the mood I’m in at the time, or the mood I want for the next 6 week period.  I’ve had purple with pink polka dots for holidays, hot pink for spring, and for autumn/winter/last harvest season, I have chosen Black Cherry Berry and here it is:

The other bonus is that my beautician suffers the same condition (but more advanced) and so I get to chat with someone about coping; I often feel much lighter when I leave the salon.  It’s interesting, because I also read a health activist’s blog written by a young woman with the same condition and she works in the beauty industry.   I guess a little bit of focussing on our own beauty, boosting confidence, making ourselves feel just a little pampered, helps us to cope with our condition, which is hidden from view.

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