Silly Mistakes

Well, I missed out on that second, correct dining table.   For whatever reason, which I cannot tell you, I inadvertently set my alarm clock to the wrong time and actually woke one hour later than I usually do.   It also means I pissed off the person who was selling me the dining table.    I asked if I could collect on Friday, as I have appointments the rest of the week, and he told me to text him on Thursday night and if someone else had not taken it, I could come and collect.  So, I arrive at work to find an email telling me the table has been collected by another buyer.

Gah!    I just can’t catch a break.

Between the nonsense with the dining tables, and a mix up with a large amount of money going missing from my bank account (now resolved), I’m beginning to think I should just write October off altogether; actually perhaps I should write the whole of 2012 off.   I mean, if you read my blog you can see that 2012 has been difficult, and it’s just gotten worse as the months have rolled on.

I think I might go home and crawl under the duvet for the rest of the year.  It may be safer under there, than out here.


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