The Perils of Purchasing Online

Ever since I moved into my new abode, I have been keeping an eye on ebay, preloved, and gumtree seeking secondhand versions of the pieces I want/need to finish furnishing my house.

On Friday, through gumtree, I found the exact dining table I wanted at less than half price, used only three times.  I contacted the seller and, on Saturday, went to pick it up from the lovely lady.   It was raining rather heavily, so I (foolishly) didn’t unwrap said dining table, but kept it covered as we carried it from her garage to my car, and all the way home.   After all, I’d seen the picture posted by the owner, and knew the exact measurements having seen it in the manufacturer’s show room, so I knew it would be a perfect fit for my home.   Not surprisingly, I made a huge mistake by not insisting on seeing it first, because as it turns out, the seller had uploaded a picture of a different table, from a different manufacturer than the one she sold me.    This table is too large, with a darker stain/veneer than I wanted though it is just like new, it’s not the table I wanted.    Of course, it was too late to take it back as I had bought, and paid for it, in addition to which I had travelled a few hours to pick it up.   Caveat emptor.   You’d think I’d have learned by lesson by now.    Anyways, that table is now for sale.

Today while searching the advertisements again, I found (what I hope is) the right table.  With any luck I can collect it tomorrow.   This time, I will inspect it before handing over any money, or loading it into my car – rain or shine.   I just don’t know where I’ll put it, given I have a much larger, unwanted table already in the room.  My place may more more than a little cramped for a while.

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