Growing up, and through most of my adult life, I have not been one to feel the cold.  I can be out in snow wearing a t-shirt, cotton trousers and a hat and be fine for an hour or two.   In winter, I did without proper heating without a problem.  I turn the air-conditioning on at work regardless of the climate outside, and am always the last to wear a coat, scarf or jumper.  Sixteen degrees celsius is comfortable for me.

That was until recently.  I noted last year the onset of the cooler weather and, this year, I’m definitely feeling it.   Today, when I awoke, I felt chilled for hours, despite turning on the heating, and it wasn’t until I had a long, hot bath that I finally warmed up.  I’ve had both my summer and winter duvet on my bed for a couple of weeks now yet temperatures have not yet dropped below ten degrees celsius at night, and today it was 14.

I know now there is something wrong with me.   I just hope that the bloodwork currently being done at regular intervals reveals the issue and it can be rectified.

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