Halifax: Poor Practice

Since I moved house, the Halifax (Bank of Scotland) has telephoned me continuously, and left voice mail messages.  I did not respond, as I sent them a letter back in 2006, and several since, making it all quite clear that all communication between us must be in written form.   When they had no response from me using one 0845 (yes, that’s a premium rate number they want me to call), they then switched to another 0845 number.   Again, they had no response, though I did send them a letter by recorded post, enclosing a copy of my original letter of 2006, reiterating that they are not to telephone me.

The infuriating result for me is that my mobile is now constantly on silent, because the Halifax (Bank of Scotland) have ignored previous correspondence on the account stating I work nights, and that to telephone during the morning disrupts my sleep and exacerbates my symptoms.   Again, I sent another letter to the ignorant b@st@rds.   By having my phone on silent, I have missed other, important calls from friends, family, and doctors, etc.

I am also appalled to find Halifax (Bank of Scotland) telephoning my work number.  I have always understood that banks should not be contacting employers of account holders for any reason.  The telephone call they made to my employer was passed back to me, and I read out a statement to the effect that as per my letter of 2006, they are not to contact or communicate with me by telephone and all future attempts to contact me will recorded as part of a complaint to be made to the Financial Ombudsman Service.  Unfortunately, this did not stop Halifax (Bank of Scotland) from making more calls to my mobile and leaving further voice mail messages.   Now, I am now taking screen shots of my phone, and writing down every call, every message I receive.

To add to the erratic behaviour, today I received two letters from Halifax (Bank of Scotland) relating to the exact same account, with the same date.  The first refers to my recent letter and notes that I have engaged professional advisers, and a statement of their policy.  The second letter refers to “your query” and asks me to telephone them on an 0845 number and advises me to seek independent, professional advice.    Halifax (Bank of Scotland) are spending a fortune making telephone calls to, and leaving leaving messages on my mobile phone, sending numerous letters, which contradict and overlap, despite having received written notification from me back in July of all changes to my account, and despite having received several letters in response to theirs, making it perfectly plain I will not communicate with them by telephone (having received abusive and offensive language from their staff in the past) as I cannot keep records of the telephone calls as easily as letters.

One wonders at the idiocy and how they manage to avoid so many complaints of harrassment and overcharging for administrative fees when it is clear that the staff at Halifax (Bank of Scotland) cannot read, let alone make the correct and proper notations on accounts.

It is truly like communicating with a brick wall, which will come as no surprise to anyone that read this blog in November last yearHalifax (Bank of Scotland) are often mentioned in relation to bad behaviour by creditors on websites for debtors, and various money saving sites.    I personally cannot wait for the day that Halifax (Bank of Scotland) comes to an unpalatable demise.

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