Taking time for myself

Today I had a pedicure using Gelish, which lasts for approximately six weeks.  Today’s colour was Sugar ‘n’ Spice & Everything Nice, a pink, which I had overlayed with a dusting of glitter.   It’s only a little thing, but having a pedicure makes me feel a lot better; it’s a little bit of luxuriant, self-indulgent pampering.  It may not been seen by many, but every time I look down when I’m wearing my flip flops indoors, it makes me smile.  For someone that suffers with a chronic dis-ease wherein you feel your body is constantly failing you, it’s uplifting to spend some time pampering, and to enjoy the results for weeks afterwards.  I highly recommend it.   Yes, Gelish is slightly more expensive, but it lasts much longer than other nail polishes, and you can put your shoes on immediately.  So, in the long run, it ends up being quiet economical.

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