Love You; Miss You Always

This week, my grandmother passed away, rather unexpectedly, having sustained serious injuries from a fall.   Midge was 92 and strong in mind and heart.

This Saturday her funeral will occur across the world from me, and I won’t be there, just as I was not there when she passed.   I had hoped to speak to her one last time and, though she could hear me, I could not understand her.   That hurt, but not was much as knowing she passed in pain, rather than peacefully in her sleep, as I had always hoped.

Whenever I need to speak to someone, it was her I thought of first and, now that I am grieving for her, the only person I really want to talk about it with is her, but she is gone.   Gone from my life, leaving an abyss in my heart.  I will always love my grandmother, and will miss her until my own dying day.

I feel, too, for my mother and uncle.   My mother is still experiencing serious health issues and my uncle had only just move interstate, so the loss of their mother has come as an awful blow.  How I wish I could be there to share their grief and offer comfort, to my brother and sister, too.

To Grandma: You were an important part of my life, and I shall continue to talk to you from time to time.   There is, and never will be anyone like you.   I have been privileged to have you as part of my family, and as my best friend.  I love you and will miss you always.  

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