Boots – Bluewater

Three days.

Three days it has taken to attempt to make an appointment for a health check with Boots at Bluewater for my health insurance provider.   I still don’t have an appointment.  Firstly, the pharmacy team never answer the phone.   At one point, after being on hold for six minutes, someone answered but he was in a different department, so put me on hold and walked the phone over to the pharmacy.    I was on hold for another 10 minutes (seriously, I timed it), before I hung up.   Then, when I rang back, same guy from another department answered and said the pharmacy team had claimed the line was blank when they picked it up.   Fecking liars!   He walked the phone over to them – again.

Then there is the denial of all knowledge exhibited by the pharmacy team of health checks in general.    Firstly, I was informed by some gent that the person who might know about health checks, Aminata, was on leave and I would have to wait for her return.   The next day I never heard from Aminata, but when I finally got through after the whole holding pattern debacle, I was informed the gentleman that did the checks was on leave, and I would have to wait until the next day to speak to him.   Today, I woke up to find a rather confused voice mail message from someone calling himself Mohammed, stating he was supposed to receive a pack, but hadn’t, could he discuss this with me?


Boots at Bluewater, I am not impressed.

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