In three weeks, I will be leaving my home of nine years and moving to a new, smaller place.  It’s a house, not a studio flat, with a garden accessed by walking around the block.  It’s not in my ideal community, but it’s in a very quiet, leafy street just 50 paces from the entrance to a large park with lakes and little wilderness areas.

Anyone who reads this blog will be aware I read a lot of books and watch a fair few films, so it will come as no surprise to learn I have close to 900 books, countless DVDs and a collection of CDs which have to be packed, as well as all the other miscellany I have – clothes, paperwork, kitchen appliances and utensils.   My current landlord offered me the pick of furniture to take, but the house is too small, so I am perusing sites like Ebay, Gumtree, Freecycle and Freegle for suitable alternatives.

I have to admit that the best of the sites has been Freegle, the recycling/upcycling website.  I have been able to pass on some (now) unwanted, but working items to grateful recipients – charity shops won’t take electrical goods – and pick up a load of moving boxes, and tape for free from another.  All transactions have been friendly, quick, and easy to organise.  It’s amazing to me how far people will travel for a freebie, too.   As Gumtree was where I found my new residence, I am glad I went there, but it’s still very sparse in population and activity when compared to the other sites; a shame as it’s well laid out and easy to use so truly deserves much more use.   What is good about Gumtree is that items on that site are generally cheaper than those posted on Ebay.

I have come to the decision that, in future, I will use more local websites to find and/or sell items.

With thanks to those on Freecycle and Freegle for making this a good weekend.

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