Could be a bad week turned good

It’s not been a good week.   First of all, I had to book a day off because my landlord didn’t tell me about building works going on just 10 feet from my bed.  The lack of sleep aggravated my health condition.   Then landlord rings me at work the next day – to apologise I thought – and gave me four weeks’ notice to move.  Panic stations.

I rent furnished, but have a lot (think about 1,000) books, and a lot of CDs so storage is essential.  I wasn’t expecting to move until September at the earliest.  Started looking at properties and there isn’t much in my price range that has the space I need, within reasonable commute, and in good decorative order.   Money is an issue, too, as I don’t have a deposit.   Friday came and I realised I was looking at a mountain of problems.   I cancelled my doctor’s appointment to change consultants because if I moved out of the area, it was pointless.

Saturday morning, my first day of intense, active home hunting and I was too sick to do anything, let alone telephone agents, or view properties.    And then … I found a day old advertisement for a house in a quiet area of a small town, 50 paces from a park with lakes, and five minutes closer to work.   I had to go out for some essentials and decided to do a drive past – Google street view can be helpful.   It looked ideal and the area was so quiet, all I could hear was bird song.

Came home and ran into my landlady who advised she is also moving out within the year, and as they are stripping out my whole flat to be reintegrated into the main house, I can take all the furniture and white goods with me; it was all going to be trashed anyway.  So, no need to purchase furniture right away.  Also, I don’t have to have the property professionally cleaned (my own standard practice) as it’s being gutted right away.   And, if I don’t find a property immediately, she is happy to store my books/CDs in boxes in an outbuilding for a few weeks at a reasonable cost.

Today, I woke, again feeling ill, but I left a voicemail message for the landlord, who called me back later this afternoon.  I was so excited.   Now, I know about his previous tenants, it’s a long-term rental agreement, and the details he provided made it sound perfect for me and I’m the only genuine enquiry thus far.    I so want this house, and have lined up a viewing for Tuesday.  I have rather pinned my hopes on this place.

The upshot is, the week is ending on a high.   I just hope it continues and I get the house, which becomes available the week before I have to leave my home of nine years.   I’ve loved living on a farm, surrounded by woods, and being able to borrow the dogs and cat at whim – I shall so miss them – but I’ve outgrown living in a studio flat, and a I feel a house would better suit my needs than a flat.

Wish me luck!

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