Made it Outside

So, with the abscess burst, there is less pain and I decided to go outside for a bit of a walk. Borrowed some labradors to take with me, but they gave up frequently, preferring to sit down and watch me carry on. I managed about an hour, stopping every now and then to take some photographs. The elderflowers are looking nice, but if I were to pick them, I really don’t have anything to cook them with, so they remain on the trees.

Even so, at least I got some activity in today. I nearly gave up when the dogs disappeared, came back, and left a huge stink on my hands after I patted them. They had obviously found the foulest thing on the grounds in which to roll. Ugh. I went back in and washed my hands, but went back out again. The fresh air, and sunset was irresistable, provided the dogs stayed downwind.

I also managed to snap a picture of the elusive cat; my first ever photograph of him since he arrived last year.

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  1. Wonderful photo. Thank you for posting it.

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