Rude Gaelic Poetry

This from Selchie Productions:

… Gaelic poem from a forth-coming anthology with rude Gaelic poetry from 500 years of Gaelic writing and now I think this poem is the best thing about today.

Éistibh a luchd an tighe-se
Iseabail Ní Mheic Cailéin (c.1500)

Éistibh a luchd an tighe-se
re scél na mbod brioghmhar
do shanntaich mo chridhe-sa
cuid dana scéalaibh do sgriobhadh.

Cé líonmhor bod bréagh-bhileach
do bhí san aimsir romhainn
tá aig fear an úird chrábhaidh seo
bod as cho mór righinn.

Bod mo shagairt thuarasdail
cé tá cho fada seasmhach
o tha céin ní chualabhair
an reabh atá ina mhacan.

Atá a riabh ro-reamhar
an sin ’s ní h-é scéal bréagach
nocha chuala cho-reamhar
mhotha bhod arís.


Listen, everyone in the house,

Listen, everyone in the house,
to the tales that have been written
of the energetic cocks
with which my heart is smitten.

Forget the fine-lipped cocks
so plentiful in the past:
this man of holy orders
has a cock at least as vast.

The cock of my salaried priest
is not only lasting and long;
you won’t have heard, in ages,
of such a wide dong.

It has always been this thick –
I promise these aren’t lies –
you’ll never again hear of a cock
comparable in size.


I can’t wait for this anthology to be published.

I am looking forward to the publication, too.   If only I knew what it was called.

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One response to “Rude Gaelic Poetry

  1. I would never have thought of looking for rude Gaelic poetry. Thank you for the post and the sample.

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