Frustrated and Annoyed – Day 3

Well, it’s not as hot as it has been, which is scant relief.    Still suffering with the flare and the usual symptoms.   Not a great start to the four day weekend, and I can’t see things improving.   I ran out of toilet paper, so had to risk leaving  home and going out to get some.   It was a huge risk as I didn’t even manage to have a shower without interruption, but I needed the paper.   Twenty minutes in total, but, thankfully, I managed it – just.

The high point of the day was winning an ebay auction for a polar heart rate monitor to help me get back on the exercise track; small downside  was forgetting to wear my pedometer to at least get my steps in (you can accrue quite a few going to the bathroom frequently).

I have been researching this Specific Carbohydrate Diet to help with the Ulcerative Colitis, but am really put off by the aggressive attitude of its adherents to anyone who has not had success with it, or criticises it in the least.    It makes me wonder if this is just a way of exploiting those with a chronic and, sometimes, debilitating dis-ease who are desperate for relief, or a genuine way to help control and/or ease symptoms.   Certainly, there are lots of sites on the subject, many of which are selling things, rather than providing free information and support like other IBD sites.

Have also been looking at rental properties that I could possibly afford.   It has come to my attention that I am expected to leave my current abode and move to a smaller place, for higher rent as this property is reclaimed for its original use.    As a result, I am looking at moving further out into the county which, although would mean a longer commute, would result in lower rents and nicer areas – I hope.   I just have to find a place that can house me and my book collection (close to 1,000).   I though I had found the perfect place, except that by the time I was able to telephone, it had been snapped up.   No wonder, great apartment, great views, low rent and bills.   Keeping my eye on the complex just in case something else comes up.

Wish me luck.

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