Frustrated and Annoyed – Day 2

Once again, little sleep.  Once again, woke up in agony.   Once again, called in sick to work.

A little mantra I often use:

Pain!  Pain!

Go Away.

Go, and ruin someone else’s day.

In addition to which, somehow, while not using my phone I used up 500MB of data in just 8 hours, whereas this normally takes 18 days.  I got a message from O2 to say that I had used 500MB data between 12 and 30 May, so I purchased another 500MB at 1:48 a.m. (via my PC), didn’t use my phone at all last night, and woke up with another message from O2 at 8.52 a.m. to say all of my additional 500MB data had been used.  WTF?    Got nowhere with the advisor, but have had to turn off data on my phone until am well enough to get to an O2 store and have them check the phone for a fault.   Personally, I can’t see how there can be a fault given nothing has changed on the phone in the last month: no new apps, no new downloads.

It’s odd to me that I can be on my PC all night (leaving the internet connected during those arduous trips to the bathroom) and only use 132 MB of data – uploading photographs, watching videos, emails, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Skyping my family – and, yet, without even touching my phone I use 500MB.   That’s not right, is it?  I’m not crazy?   Yet, the O2 advisor seemed to think there was nothing wrong with that.    I have an iPhone, it uses that much data.   Not for the last five months it hasn’t!!!!  *cue rolling of eyes*   I don’t have push notifications on my iPhone  apart from Viber; Facebook doesn’t update unless I refresh it; only emails update regularly to tell me how many additional messages I have, and I didn’t get many last night at all.   So, WTF?

Needless to say, my frustration level has increased, several-fold, since yesterday.    A UC flare, and attempting to deal with phone issues, and it’s no wonder I’m fed up.  I’m so tired, my body hurts, it’s hot, and it feels like the pain, tension,blood, and other unpleasant symptoms are not leaving.   Ugh.

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