R&R Wish

Today, I have a special wish:  I wish my Mum a speedy recovery during her one week of R&R.   My Mum has endured every single side effect possible from radiotherapy, and she has one week off before the next round of intense therapy, brachytherapy.    My Mum really needs this week to get as much R&R as possible, so she is strong enough for the next round, following which comes chemotherapy.

The unfortunate thing is that because she had to leave town for her first round, the Social took away her home assistance and so she has to attempt to clean her own house, despite suffering miserably with paralyising rheumatoid arthritis, the side effects of steriods for that condition, and the energy zapping effects of her radiotherapy.

I truly hope my Mum recovers some of her old vim.

Love you Mum and wish you all the best.

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  1. I hope the week off helps her and that all this treatment is worthwhile.

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