Best Relief in Nine Years

This post discusses health matters some may find distasteful, so consider yourself warned.

The day before yesterday I was in a lot of pain, and suffering diarrhoea; the usual Ulcerative Colitis (“UC“)  flare.   I have recently learned thanks to the Ulcerative Colitis forums, that I should no longer take Nurofen, as it has been known to cause more ulceration.   Imodium, too, can be problematic.   Well, I took the Imodium, my fall back medication carried in instant form in my purse, because I had nothing else to hand, but I did have Co-Codamol for the pain instead of Nurofen.   Co-Codamol has the known side effect of constipation, and I figured this was no bad thing, but what I didn’t expect what was to happen the next day.

Friday rolls around, I wake up – pain free – and start to get ready for work.   I go to the bathroom, a little crampy but more uncomfortable than painful.    I get to work, and about half way through the evening go to the bathroom again, and then have to go only once more when I return home.   I cannot believe it!   I feel fine, I feel normal.   There is no sense of urgency to the movements; it’s as though I have gone back 10 years or so.

Three movements and that’s it for a whole 24 hour period.   Wow!   My average is 12-17 times a day.  I know this because I have a GI monitor on my iPhone.   Three, just three.    Even today, I have been to the bathroom a lot less than normal.    I have decided that next time I am suffering a UC flare, the Nurofen is out and Co-Codamol is in even though the Co-Codamol did not relieve the pain as effectively.

And, yes, I note it is not recommended for those with UC.

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