20 Minutes on Hold for T-Mobile

So, I had a few queries about my mobile broadband, but the only telephone number available to me on which to contact T-Mobile was an 0845 (local rate) number.  Great!   I dialled the number and found myself navigating through the automated service.   I  ploughed through to the desired department, only to receive a message to say that the wait time was ten minutes, at which point I knew it would be less costly to call back later, which was one of the options offered by the automated voice.

I called back and, once again, navigated the automated system to the right department, whereupon a foreign individual answered.   She noted I didn’t have a password and asked if I wanted to change it.  Having earlier failed to retrieve it via the website, I responded in the affirmative.   I repeated, repeated, repeated, and repeated my password selection several times hoping it sank in, but growing increasingly concerned she had it wrong.  All I could do was hope she had entered it correctly on the system (she didn’t, see below).

We moved on to my query and, having listened to my account details, I decided to cancel my overly expensive T-mobile internet connection, but had a few more queries.   Foreign individual said she was unable to answer additional queries, but would put me through to cancellations.  I sat there for five minutes not knowing how long I would have to wait on hold, so I decided to hang up and redial through to the department myself.   I got through the automated system to the cancellations line, and discovered I would have to wait 20 minutes for someone to answer.  I kid you not, 20 minutes for them to answer a phone call, all the while I am being charged for the privilege of listening to their hold pattern.   I think not!

Since my password had (I hoped) been reset just a few minutes earlier, I decided to go online at T-mobile‘s website instead.  Lo and behold!  I could not log on, because the foreign individual I had spoken to earlier had entered my password incorrectly, despite my repeating it several times; the result being I am locked out of my own account.

I am not impressed with said foreign individual employee of T-mobile:  she neglected to advise me of the wait time before transferring my call; she was unable to answer all my queries; she did not listen to my repeated instructions for the password; and thus failed to alter my password correctly.

Poor, poor service T-mobile.   Once I leave you, I am never, ever coming back.

Edited to add:  Have just this minute received a response to my email query, which reads:

Thank you for your email. We wanted to let you know that we’ve received your query and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.  This will be within 7 working days.

Really?  Seven days?  Seven days to answer an email and not even 7 normal days, but 7 working days.   So, you may not respond again until 25 May, eh?    Well, by then, I will have walked into one of your shops and had a few choice words to say to one of your managers.   I may also post updates to this blog as to whether or not you’ve responded.

I guess it’s fortunate I have closed down my current account and T-mobile will never receive another penny from me.

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