Too much?

It could be sign I’ve been indulging in too much Scandinavian and Nordic media: I was watching Rejseholdet, a Danish crime series from 10 years ago, and realised that one of the characters was Swedish just by his accent, though he was speaking Danish.   I speak neither language, but it was the way he spoke Danish that reminded me of the accent in the Swedish Millennium trilogy films, and it was vastly different from the native speakers in Rejseholdet.

What I’ve also noticed is that the number of actors in Rejseholdet, sometimes doing bit parts, who also appear in Danish programmes some ten years later; programmes such as Borgen and Den som dræber (Those Who Kill).   I think I’ve seen Stine Stengade pop up in nearly everything, and it seems, too, like every film or programme produced in Denmark has been graced by the appearance of at least one, or both of the Mikkelsen brothers.   It makes me wonder if every Danish actor/actress knows every other one in the country.  Do they party together?  I wonder if everyone in the acting industry in Denmark knows everyone else’s business – just like a small community?  Is it like living in a village, or small country town, where you can’t be offered a job, or hear of a new opportunity, without everyone else knowing of it and scrambling to beat you to it?

In the meantime, I have this month’s audio book to waiting to be savoured, except I was impatient, downloaded a Swedish crime novel from 2001 because it was going cheap, and am listening to it instead.  The book is Midwinter Sacrifice.  The narrator, Lisa Coleman, is a bit of a drone, and it’s nearly enough to discourage me from listening further; however Mons Kallentoft’s style of writing is just managing to keep it’s hold on my attention – just.

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