Red Riding Hood

I must admit I did not hold out much hope for this movie as it received very luke-warm reviews at the time of its release.   Even so, I didn’t have much time to choose my viewing selection yesterday, so grabbed this and an animated film for light entertainment on a Sunday evening where the television schedules were bare.  Red Riding Hood [Blu-ray]
surprised me:  I liked it; and it was the first film I had seen in ages where I didn’t know the answer to the mystery long before the end.

It’s clear from the cover that Red Riding Hood [Blu-ray]
is aimed at the teen market, fixated on supernatural beings as they are: the soundtrack, the lead males, the overall style of the film and even dance style employed in a particular scene reinforce this.   I was intrigued, and pleasantly satiated in the way the film-makers chose to weave the original Red Riding Hood story into the premise of the film.  It definitely worked for me, a long time reader of fairy tales (the grimmer the better).   It was such good fare that I actually stayed up late to watch the so-called “Alternate Cut”, which was disappointing as I could only discern two alterations from the “Original Feature” version.   Odd that.

It could have been darker, more gory, more terrifying and could have done with a bit more suspense, but it’s clear they were going for more style than substance (attempts at arty shots were evident).   Still, I enjoyed it and would even recommend it.

Rating: 7/10.

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