Seriously? Again?

So, turning the corner up my road, I saw another car coming towards the roundabout from the opposite direction.  It was a long way off, but obviously a police car.    I was halfway up the hill, when it turned in behind me.   I continued on my way, reached the boundaries of the farm and I had a feeling, which was confirmed when he put on his lights.  As I pulled to the hedge, he pulled up within two feet of my rear bumper.  What is it about my car that has me being pulled over every month?

The office came up to the window, with his baby face declaring he couldn’t possibly be more than 17 and asked me where I was going.  I pointed to the hedge and said “In there.”  He asked my name, and I obliged by providing my given and surname.  He then asked me, “What’s inbetween?”   So, I gave him my other names.  I also provided my address as requested.  He then apologised but he had to check the right person was driving the car.  I asked if he was kidding given the damage on the passenger side, who else would want to drive it?  He laughed and walked away.

As I drove off, I saw the police do a u-turn on what is a dangerous bend, given the speed traffic, including buses, tractors and trucks speed along there.

I suppose I should expect to be pulled over next month, too.  *sigh*

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