Hello Again

Well, it’s been a busy week, or two.   New systems at work left me in tears, sleep eluded me for the same reasons, and comfort was provided by two audio books, and a Scandinavian film.  I was also uplifted by the return of a certian rabbit on a grass verge beside a small, country, hedged road which forms part of my daily commute.  He was only there the once, but I’m hopeful of seeing him again.

I was fortunate in that my fictional foray provided a welcome distraction from the more troublesome parts of my real life: family health issues, work disasters (not caused by me!), and various other niggles.   So, I am now on the hunt for more audio books to take me out of reality for small periods of time.   If anyone has any recommendations for good audio, preferably unabridged books – I already have “Let the Right One In” (unabridged) on my wishlist despite not being keen on vampires – I would be grateful to receive them.    Please bear in mind my current penchant for the Millennium trilogy, European film, and television, such as Borgen.

Sending loving wishes out to my mother, in the hope she escapes hospital sooner, rather than later.

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