So, driving home from the supermarket this morning, on my way home from work, I was being followed, rather too closely by the car behind me.     I steered the car to the side of the road and slowed down to just under the speed limit, as there was room for the driver behind me to overtake on two stretches.

On the second stretch, the driver put on his blues and I pulled over.   I asked the policeman what was up, thinking it was my lights, only to have him ask me where I had just come from.  I told him, work via the supermarket.  He asked me if I had been drinking.   No, I don’t drink at all.   It seems he was concerned because I was driving too close to the kerb and slowed down.   I responded by reminding him of the speed limit and how people tear along that stretch of road at this time of the morning, and I prefer to have them in front of me than behind me, so I slowed down and moved over to let him pass.

Well, the silence was deafening.    Seriously, this guy was came up quickly on my rear and then proceeded to stay close, so what else was I supposed to do?

Yes folks, I was pulled over because I dropped my speed a mile below the speed limit.  I kid you not.

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