Late Arrivals

I’ve come back to work this evening to find my desk over-run with post (and work).    I had received some more cards.  Thanks Sis and sorry I didn’t get it sooner.

I also found two packages: firstly an oversized calendar containing photographs of the British Isles, which will either make it to the recylcing bin unless someone wants it; and, secondly, an unexpected parcel from Ireland which contained a sheepish bag, Bailey’s heart-shaped chocolates (something for New Year’s Eve I think) and an amazing CD of music from Abiencellist.   And: Wow!  What a soundscape this CD holds; just loving it!    Thank you so much to Ger, Mark and Dara; it’s amazing, and, strangely, timely.

So, I’ve pinned up my cards, scanned my statements, done the work I am paid to be here for, and am now sitting listening to the CD from across the Irish Sea.   The last person to leave the office before me left three hours ago, the WiFi is down barring me from making calls back to Oz, so I might just settled down and read a book, though I seem to have misplaced “American Gods” which was next on my fictional list.   Hmmmm ….

Hoping everyone is enjoying their evening.

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