The Peach Keeper

AuthorSarah Addison Allen
ISBN:  1444706675/9781444706673

I am sorry to say that this book left me cold. Almost from the start, I discerned the conclusion and this discouraged me from reading further; so much so it took an age to finish this book despite it being relatively light reading.

I found the plot a predictable, as were the characters, which did not seem as full-bodied as ought they ought to be. It seemed the author did not wish to probe her characters, or storyline to any great depth and, by the end, had given up. There was nothing to explore, to engage with leaving me with a lack of empathy for any of the characters; I just could not care. It is a sad thing to feel an author lost interest, and, if Ms Addison Allen had, perhaps the project should have been abandoned.

I was more involved with the two chapers of The Girl Who Chased the Moon found at the back of the version of this book gifted to me. I only hope it does not disappoint as The Peach Keeper did. I enjoy the style of Sarah Addison Allen generally; easy reading with a light supernatural touch where everything generally comes good in the end; a snug afternoon’s indulgence. It’s just a shame The Peach Keeper did not meet my expectations, either from the author or from a novel in general.

I’m afraid I cannot recommend it to anyone.

Rating: 2/5.

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One response to “The Peach Keeper

  1. RFW

    Too bad. I actually liked the book – as I enjoy all of Sarah Addison Allen – but my favorite is still Garden Spells. But then, my expectations are low – just an easy read with a little flavor.

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