Today, I am back to feeling a little more like myself; it only took a small thing.  After several months, my charm bracelet was returned to me; just putting it back on made me feel different – more like me.

There are two pieces of jewellery that I wear constantly: my claddagh ring which never comes off (except for surgery), a silver version of the gold claddagh ring I was gifted  by my paternal grandmother, who bestowed a claddagh ring on all her grand-daughters.   When I stopped wearing gold I decided to obtain a  replacement, silver, claddagh ring and, while living in Ireland, I bought a heavy ring in Blarney from Horgans.    It hasn’t come off since, though I have a second, silver claddagh from the same store, which I bought on a subsequent visit, in case the first wears through.

Fast forward a decade: I started a charm bracelet, as the rose gold one I had since my teens no longer suited me.   This new bracelet was silver, and already came with five charms.  Since then, I have added charms to it, and I wear it daily, only really taking it off for bed and bath, because it catches.   Like my ring, it’s become a part of me and not wearing either somehow feels wrong.   It’s strange how it takes so little time to become attached.   This year, I acquired some unusual charms and I took them to my friend, who knows a great jeweller, to have them attached.  Months passed by, festivals passed, and I received it back, only to have a supposedly soldered charm fly off and away into neverland within 20 minutes.   So, back it went and I only retrieved my charm bracelet, myself, from the jeweller today.   I put it on in the shop and, oddly, instantly felt more myself.

The only downside today was hearing how fantastic the Seth Lakeman concert was; a concert I waited two years to attend.   I ended up being very ill and so had to hand my tickets over to my companion, who was also ill but was able to attend.   I am told it was well worth the money and his performance was amazing.  Jackie Oates supported and I’m told was great, too.

On a more positive note, I received a parcel in the post with something a little bit special; something I’ve longed to have for ages, but perhaps I will write more about that another time.

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