Holiday Overtime

Today, I find myself doing overtime even though I’m offically not rostered and am on holiday from my normal shift.  Not so bad, really, as when I arrived there was nothing to do, so I headed out to Marks and Spencer and picked up quite a few bargains as this particular store is not usually open on Sundays.   Arrived back at work still with nothing to do, so made some online purchases, and, for now, I am restoring my old iPhone 3G back to factory settings so I can sell it back to my service provider tomorrow, allowing me to offset the cost of my iPhone 4s, which appears to be fully functioning now.

It’s been a couple of hours since I typed the first two paragraphs and I am now home.   I must admit, I’m not sure it was worth going in, but in these days of economic uncertainty, I can’t afford to pass up the cash.   I’m tired, my muscles ache, but I’m home and just chilling.   It seems while I was working, I also won some foraged, wild mushrooms for submitting a post on my time at River Cottage, which was a nice surprise.   Now, I am looking forward to a hot dinner, though I’ve not decided what, and bed.

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