Genius? Really?

What a day!

It started well when my new winter coat fit; it’s a fleece and waterproof combined.  Then I tried on my tone-up sneakers, which have been languishing in the wardrobe since I bought them, they fit beautifully and are so very, very comfortable.   As I left for the day, it was still dry but I took my umbrella just in case.

Of I set for the nearest Apple store only to find that unles I reserve a phone after 21.00 the day before, I cannot have one.   Sure, I said, except everytime I try your website, it’s always stating it’s experiencing a high volume of traffic and won’t work, and then when I do finally get through, the site states there are no phones available at any of the 7 stores in the south-east.  I’ve been trying for four days.   Well, you could try Regent Street in London.    Oh, but I have and had the same result.  I asked if there was any specific time when they gave up on the reservations and let the phones go, and received an rather emphatic “no“.

Well, I thought, that scuppers any plans I have of using Facetime to communicate with the family.   I know I should not, but I became furious and walked away.   I went off to buy some necessities.   I found a sale on at my favourite clothing shop and bagged two, long-sleeved shirts for £15.   I really needed them as I have nothing with long sleeves.   Luckily for me, they had my favourite colours, too.  In fact, one of my most-favoured colours is in season this winter – teal.    I allowed myself to calm down and headed for my phone service provider’s shop, and enquired about obtaining an iPhone 4s without altering my current tariff.  It was not possible, but I did get some great advice on selling my old iPhone 3G 16GB should I upgrade.  I also learned I needed a new micro-sim.

I decided to investigate this iPhone 4s a little further and decided to return to the Apple store.   This time I spoke to someone different and he explained how WiFi was needed for Facetime to work properly.    So much for xmas day; however it was good news in that we have WiFi and work and the local cafes also have it, meaning I could see, as well as speak to my family at other times.   We also chatted about iPads and iMacs and the lack of good memory on the iPod touch meaning most of us music lovers having to stick with the Classic.   We consoled each other they, being Apple , might indulge us – one day.   After quite a bit of chat about 3G, 4G and 5G networks, Facetime, Viber and Skype and some further explanation of funcationality of the iPhone 4s, I told him I guess it didn’t matter as there were no phones available in the model I wanted.    Well, to my surprise, he informed me that if I returned at a certain time, any reserves not picked up were released.   What?  This was not what the other guy had told me.   He told me to join the queue at the appointed time, or look out for him and he would check stock for me.

So, I went off for a bit to get some water, as I was tired and had not eaten and then stood outside the store.   I got the impression I was not the only hopeful.    Ten minutes before the appointed time, I went in to play with some of the phones and noticed the queue was immense.   I was only there a minute or two, when the guy I had chatted to came over and told me to join the queue as they were all waiting for unclaimed reservations.     Oh dear!    Was  too late?   I got in line and, to my surprise, when I reached the desk there were phones left and I bought one.  I was offered personal set-up but had to get my micro-sim first, so it was back around to my service provider, picked up the new micro-sim and back to Apple for my personal set up.   Then the real problems began.

I was assigned a very young lady, whom I later discovered was the source of my lamenting by other employees, who helped me open my phone, get it going and started the process of transferring from my old phone.   Lauren then offered to copy my contacts.   My mistake was agreeing to this.   Next thing I know my new iPhone 4s is returned to me with double the amount of contacts.   This results in various people being consulted to no avail.  No-one has a clue as to how Lauren managed this, or how to undo.   So, an appointment with a Genius had to be obtained.   Half an hour later and finally he comes.    Alas, this Genius was also unable to unravel the mystery, so the phone was restored to factory setting and my old 3G was backed-up to the Cloud.    This took half an hour and then my new iPhone 4s was to be synced.     Upon opening my contacts again, this time some had three versions, but now my old 3G also had two versions of every contact.     Two hours later I am informed they don’t know what’s gone wrong, and I will have to delete all the redundant copies of contacts manually when I get home and resync iTunes.     Thanks, guys.  Meanwhile, none of my apps have fully downloaded, but I’m tired, hungry and want to go home.

Note to Apple:  Don’t give anyone the title of Genius if they can’t solve the problems on a brand new product set up by one of their own.

So, home I come and more issues arise.    Apps are copying, but not loading; some apps are not even transferring to the upgraded iPhone 4s; though I did receive a phone call on it, which is good news as it was overtime.   I will probably need the overtime to pay for any problems I’ll have solving the issues with the supposedly better iPhone 4s.

It’s early, but if things don’t improve, this blog post may have further woes added.   Wish me luck!

And, it just got worse.  None of my apps transferred, but for whatever reason, all of my data allowance for this month has been used, which means I can’t use the apps, Facetime, Viber or any of the other means of communication until January now, or I will pay an absolute fortune in fees.    Really, really pissed off.

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