My plans to get an iPhone 4s before xmas day so I can see my family, as well as chat to them, have been scuppered.  It seems not a single Apple store in my area of the UK, of which there are seven, has any in stock, nor is one available on line that will arrive in time.    I am also having difficulty finding any boots I like, which are black, leather, low, or no heeled, pull on boots that are just over ankle high, with a smooth sole.   I have also discovered I will need to buy some cardigans, or more jumpers, because I am truly feeling the cold this year, even though the temperatures have been rather mild.  For whatever reason, I don’t seem to own any long-sleeve shirts either.   Very odd.

I am very grateful, after hearing the news today, that I have a job; a good job; a job in which I am happier than I’ve ever been in the UK, and even happier to receive an annual bonus; but all my plans for it seem to have been scuppered.   I just hope this trend doesn’t continue, because I have two weeks off work and I should like to enjoy them without any mishaps, or disappointments.

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